API Authorization

POST api/Authorization/SetCustomerAuthorization

Set Customer Authorization


POST api/Campaigns/GetCampaignsBasicDetailsByDatesRange

Get campaigns basic fields data by sent dates range

POST api/Campaigns/SaveRegularCampaign

Create/ Update regular campaign (not publish).

POST api/Campaigns/SaveRegistrationEventCampaign

Create/ Update registration event campaign (not publish).

POST api/Campaigns/SaveDateEventCampaign

Create/ Update Date event campaign (not publish).

POST api/Campaigns/SaveApprovalRegistrationEventCampaign

Create/ Update approval registration event campaign (not publish).

POST api/Campaigns/ScheduleRegularCampaign

No documentation available.

POST api/Campaigns/SendEventTypeCampaign

No documentation available.


POST api/Recipients/GetCustomerLists

Get all active lists

POST api/Recipients/GetCustomerListById

Get active list by Id

POST api/Recipients/GetCustomerListsByListName

Get active lists by name. Rarely its possible that there are more than one list with the same name.

POST api/Recipients/CreateCustomerList

No documentation available.

POST api/Recipients/UpdateCustomerList

Update list


POST api/Recipients/ImportsRecipients

Import Recipients. Limited to 1500 recipients each call.

POST api/Recipients/ChangeRecipientsPermission

Change recipients delivery status. Does not affect on recipients that already in removal state.

POST api/Recipients/GetAllActiveInterests

Get Interests

POST api/Recipients/GetRecipientByEmail

Get Recipient By Email

POST api/Recipients/GetRecipientsEmailsByListid

Get Recipients Emails by list Id

POST api/Recipients/RemoveRecipientFromList

Exclude email from list

POST api/Recipients/CancelFutureEventTypeCampaignsForRecipient

Enables you to cancel existing scheduled email/s that were set by an event type campaigns.


POST api/Forms/GetForms

Get all active Forms

POST api/Forms/GetFormById

Get active Form by Id

POST api/Forms/GetFormByName

Get active Forms by name. its possible that there are more than one form with the same name.

POST api/Forms/CreateForm

Create new Form

POST api/Forms/UpdateForm

Update Form


POST api/Grids/GetCampaignGridBy

Get campaigns Grids


POST api/Classifications/GetClassifications

Get all active Classifications

POST api/Classifications/ReSetClassifications

Remove exisitng and set new Classifications

POST api/Classifications/RemoveAllClassifications

Remove all Classifications by objectId


POST api/Reports/GetCampaignStatisticByCampaignId

Get campaign statistic by ID

POST api/Reports/GetReportAllUnsubscribedMailsByCampaignID

Get all Unsubscribed emails by campaign ID

POST api/Reports/GetReportAllOpenedFromSmartPhoneMailsByCampaignID

Get all Opened From Smart Phone emails by campaign ID

POST api/Reports/GetReportAllOpenedMailsByCampaignID

Get all Opened emails by campaign ID

POST api/Reports/GetReportAllPurchasedMailsByCampaignID

Get all Purchased emails by campaign ID

POST api/Reports/GetReportAllForwardedMailsByCampaignID

Get all Forwarded emails by campaign ID

POST api/Reports/GetReportAllClickedMailsByCampaignID

Get all clicked emails by campaign ID

POST api/Reports/GetReportAllBouncedMailsByCampaignID

Get all bounced emails by campaign ID

POST api/Reports/GetReportAllSentMailsByCampaignID

Get all sent emails by campaign ID

POST api/Reports/GetReportAllUnsubscribedMailsByTrackingDateRange

Get all Unsubscribed emails by tracking Date Range. The data is taking from Cache table that updated once a day.